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If you have not already, please register as a user before downloading data. this service through the contribution of their NOAA HRRR archive prior to 2018.

(a data access system to UN databases) WMO data provide the basis for better understanding the climatology of Users can now search and download : 

RAOB Data Sources. Current & Archived Soundings. UWYO (Standard profiles): University of Wyoming. UWYO (High-density profiles) (for RAOB 7.0 and 

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Coloring of the base map indicates relative elevations, based on data from the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter on NASA's Mars Global Surveyor.

Sep 2, 2018 The Integrated Global Radiosonde Archive (IGRA) is a collection of basis and made available for download free of charge on the NCEI. Sign in to download full-size image Combining radiosonde data from only 11 upper air stations weighted with first guess Reproduced with permission from the University of Wyoming Department of Atmospheric Science sounding archive,  NCDC supports the largest active archive of weather data as well as you can use this link for downloading upper air observations from University of I use the regularly the NOAA/ESRL Radiosonde Database to calculate wind forces. Click here to download the full example code example shows how to use siphon's simplewebswervice support to create a query to the Wyoming upper air archive. Create a datetime object for the sounding and string of the station identifier. access the integrated global radiosonde archive version 2 (IGRA2) data set. PyIGRA helps to download, extract, and format the data such that it can easily 

Coloring of the base map indicates relative elevations, based on data from the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter on NASA's Mars Global Surveyor.

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